In its heart, a wedding destination is a wedding conducted in a place distant from home. But that’s only the start. A wedding is a wonderful chance for couples to celebrate their marriage in a favourite location – no matter how far away. Target marriages have nearly become the new normal. It’s very unusual for a few to explore this choice after engaging, and it’s fantastic.

Adorable Event is a one-stop-service centre for a wondrous wedding planner with its distinctive design and expertise in Jaipur. Since 2010, we have been working with customers in the region. We are proud to create extraordinary experiences that are not easily forgotten. Our knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff interprets your vision, thoughts, and ideas and effortlessly brings them to life.

We offer a wide range of services :

Planning of the marriage

Our comprehensive wedding planning service provides all elements of wedding preparation and supports you throughout the whole process, from choosing the location for a vendor like photographers, bridal maker artists, entertainment and sound to planning and executing your decor and execution of your last day. We wish to be part of all elements of your wedding planning process, supporting you throughout the whole time of planning in micromanagement.

Floral Settlement

We are committed to providing your event with the most incredible experience for everyone involved. We look after all the minor technical aspects so that you can concentrate on having fun with your guests.

Setup & Management venue

For all wedding events and parties, we offer a one-stop solution. We constantly keep in mind the requirements of our customers, budget control, time management and the creation of a stress-free client environment.

Music and entertainment live

We offer live band, live singing, ghazal artist, DJ Sound, and stage setup for wedding and pre-Wedding festivities.


Adorable Events is an industry leader and the most well-recognised company for marriage preparation. We are specialised in destination weddings, pre-marriage events, catering, music and other associated services. Adorable Events offers a one-stop under one roof. Our excellent wedding planning services are renowned to us.

While your ingrained beliefs may prevent you from considering the possibility of a “budget-friendly wedding,” now is the moment to break free. Don’t allow a lack of funds to prevent you from having the wedding of your dreams; instead, prepare ahead and use the services of Adorable Events.To reduce the overall cost of your destination wedding, consider the following suggestions by the expert destination wedding planner Jaipur.

You can rest easy knowing that your destination wedding is in good hands if you take the time to choose the right professional to help you organize the event. Adorable Events planners specialize in events at exotic locations. They provide a variety of services, including those that cover every detail of the big day. When a couple chooses the Adorable Eventspackage, they will be guided through the whole planning process.

You’ll probably spend a lot of money on your wedding invitations since you’re completely enamoured with the most modern and fashionable designs. Thus, electronic invitations are the way to go. They’re low-priced, unique, easy, and cool, if not all at once.

It’s another easy method to save money on the big day. Leaving yourself plenty of time to plan will allow you to take advantage of early-bird discounts, promotions, and cheap flights.

Take advantage of the fact that every Indian is endowed with a modicum of negotiating ability while reserving the venue and selecting the suppliers to ensure the lowest feasible costs. Never forget that there is always room for negotiation.

Most of the most sought-after locales for weddings are prohibitively costly. Thus, a destination wedding in a unique and less conventional location is the way to go. The less well-known Indian locations for destination weddings are Jaipur, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Khajuraho, and Uttarakhand.